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From Germany to Australia

Kids had their last crepes from Christkindlmarkt Marienplatz on 18 December

On 19 December, Joseph flew to France as an unaccompanied child

My brother and family drove from Amsterdam to visit us on 20 December. Picture of my brother and I was taken in front of the Rathaus in Marienplatz

21 December, husband and I sort out and put everything in order for the movers

Louise enjoyed her last snow in Munich on 22 December while the movers were packing everything

Things were loaded into the container in the mornting of 23 December. At 14.00 hours  husband, Louise and I left Munich for France by car.

Spending Christmas with kids' great grannies in France

We drove from great grannies' place in Alsace to Zurich in the early morning of 28 December, to catch the plane to Spore. We spent one night in Spore and went to Orchard Road, accompanied by my blogger friend Migo.

(picture from ratevin.com)
Finally we arrived in Sydney in the evening of 30 December. We were having a heavy jetlag (10 hours difference from West Europe timezone) that kids could stay awake to see the new year eve's fireworks near Sydney Harbor

First day of 2010 was spent at the Cronulla Beach.

 In the next coming weeks we will be busy looking for our own apt (we are now still staying at a serviced-apt), converting our driving licenses and  other things related to settling down in a new country.

Kids are still tired and try to adapt to the new things. Joseph keeps on asking on when our 'home' will arrive (he meant our furniture) because he wants to play with his toys. The new sound around her (even the birds chirp and sing differently here) makes Louise jump and sometimes run to us for comfort.  Husband and I  try to calm them down by sticking to their routine and hugging them more.

This Germany-Australia move is the most tiring and most complicated for us, both mentally and physically.  Looking through the pictures, it's really bizzare that we were still in Europe for Xmas and then  flew 20 hours down the southern hemisphere one day before the end of 2009.  "New year 2010 in a new country" is something easy to remember, though.



Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Feb. 4th, 2010 06:43 am (UTC)
Itu fotonya di Spore, Ke, .. kalau di Swiss mah dingin banget hehehe.

Miss you too, dear!

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