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My country, Indonesia

Merlyna Lim's post encouraged me to finally write this entry

First Contribution in Indonesian Language

A couple of weeks ago, my first Indonesian language article on multilingualism appeared on June edition of  Wanita Online Newsletter. The original is here. Unofficial English translation is below. 

Relocation Expenses

Almost two weeks have passed and still no internet at home. Actually the internet guy came last week, but he couldn't locate what he called the Vertilungskasten des Fernsehsignals (box for TV signal?) in our building. The guy will return Tuesday next week and I hope the caretaker of our building received our message and contact us on Monday.

Meantime, our house starts to look a bit neater. There are still around 15 boxes of linen and clothes, which can only be unpacked after we buy some wardrobes. After all these years, we never have our own, since back in the US, our apartment had walk-in closets, and while in Holland the previous tenants left two huge wardrobes. Ideally we should start hunting, but we need to take a break from packing-unpacking, both physical and mental. The plan is to enjoy the summer, bring the kids around Munich, and after a couple of weeks go back tidying up the house. Oh unfortunately enough, husband may only take vacation after working for 6 months, so our plan to go north on a road trip (including to visit one of my big bros in Amsterdam) should be postponed.

Talking about packing-unpacking, some friends wondered how much our family spent each time we relocate, and how we collected the budget for husband's job interviews abroad. A couple of friends are interested in looking for jobs overseas, but cannot imagine the money they should invest to move the family.

Moving to a new apt

We moved to a new apt less than a week ago´. We have no internet connection at home zet, as the German cable companies work suprisinglz slow. I´m tzping this post from an internet cafe, and got surprised bz the keyboard. The waz thez arranged the letters are not the same as the Indonesian, or Dutch or English kezboards. Sorrz for the tzpos as I got verz confused  and too layz ah lazy  to find the write letters.

Our container from Chicago arrived on our move date (for the first 3 months in Munich we lived in a furnished apt). ´We have a total of 84 big and small boxes so zou can imagine how messz our apt is. Husband and I work daz and night on the house, but after 6 dazs everzthing still looks prettz much the same: messy. Zet, it´s nice to have our own things again. Although the previous apt was nicelz furnished, I´´m a peryon who prefers to use mz own stuffs no matter how uglz thez are.

Our kids are happz to plaz again with their long lost toys and books. Josephs is having his summer vacation so I have to juggle between cleaning up and bringing the kids out. In busz dazs like now, sometimes mz kids´´ whines make me want to scream, some other times those two bandits act like clowns and cheer me up.

Living without internet is weird. I miss reading mz friends´postings, and I´m also verz much behind the schedule of mz writing project, but on the other hand, mz life becomes simple and quiet. I take care of the kids, the house, steal sometime to read novels and talk a lot with mz husband. I´m dzing to get the internet connection, still it´s actuallz good to take internet break from time to time. 

be right back after we got internet at home.

Ethnic Conscious

I read somewhere that 4 years is the age when kids begin to realize physical differences. In the past weeks Joseph has been asking why mama is not as tall as papa,  why there is a space between his front teeth, why papa is younger than Tinou *my father-in-law*, why Louise cannot turn into a boy, why metro conductors are mostly men, etc. The rather freaky moments are whenever old ladies or handicaps get into the metro, he will keep on staring at them before shouting his questions at me, sometimes in English. "Shhh, Joseph, be polite, don't stare, and keep your voice low, please," I always tell him so. Too bad it usually makes him shout another question, "Why can't I look at people?!". ....*sigh*.....

Today, he was asking his first questions related to people's ethnicity

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