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Oni Karjadi, a best friend from my Chicago years, put 5 videos  of our Indonesian Music & Art Group on my Facebook wall.  All videos were taken sometime in 2006 where Joseph was still in diapers (he was 2 yo) and I was pregnant with Louise. 

The aim of the group was to introduce Indonesian nursery rhymes and do some art projects. We were all committed to speak Indonesian language only to our kids during that 2-3 hours weekly gathering. The group was motored by Ake (another close friend who now lives in California) and myself. I remember how serious both of us prepared the lesson plan. I did all the arrangement of songs for the piano accompaniments, Ake did loads of searching on the internet for the art parts. 

 I never realized how cute (and clownish) our playgroup of preschoolers appeared on videos!  

more videos are here, here and here 

I wrote about this Music and Art Group in Multilingual Living Magazine of  November 2007 (click the article twice for readable letters)

Also on tips how to create a Music and Art Group in your language (click the article twice for readable letters)

I never had the chance to recreate another Music and Art Group in Germany or Australia. Now kids are both at school and busy with other activities. I myself is also preoccupied with some attempts to write fictions.

It's feels good though to watch the videos and reread the articles, seeing how efforts from mothers can actually make wonders.  



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Jul. 28th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
That was/is a great idea: a music and art group. Going by the videos the children loved it - and the mothers also seem to have enjoyed it. Especially the one in which the kids played flutes, is quite endearing ( and inspirational as well).

(By the way: Are Joseph and Louise still involved in some kind of music? )

Jul. 28th, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
I still give my kids piano lessons, Jerry. You can follow it here http://pianomama.livejournal.com
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